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CES 2020

The CES week in Las Vegas has become the time when the world stops to observe the technological scenarios of the next 5, 10 or maybe 20 years.

It is a gigantic exhibition in terms of the number of exhibiting companies and the investments that underlie them and, as such, it can be analyzed along two lines, almost in a Cartesian logic: it can be analyzed “vertically”, i.e. product by product, technology by technology, or “horizontally”, i.e. by looking at consumption scenarios and new transversal habits that are taking shape through the union of new technologies impacting our daily lives.

This second reading was the one of our greatest interest, because it is more useful to our role as multidisciplinary creative consultants: our goal is to try to focus on the needs, curiosities and opportunities that emerge in a world projected years ahead.

From this point of view, the effort of companies such as Amazon, Google, LG and Bosch to create an ecosystem of electronic devices able to communicate with the user, but above all also with each other, creating a network of well coordinated reactions to the user’s input, has not gone unnoticed. An example? By saying “Goodnight!” to the new LG TV set, it will not only turn itself off, it will also communicate to all devices (lights, air conditioners, ovens and so on) to do the same because the “master” is going to go to bed.

Changing the topic, for those who have doubts or perplexities, a reassurance is clear from CES 2020: the autonomous guide is destined to arrive among us, without “if” and without “but”. The parameter that gives us more confidence in affirming this is the astonishing size of the investments shown in this sector by some of the biggest companies in the world: from Intel to Amazon (again!), from Audi to BMW.

Even one of the oldest businesses, we would say almost as old as humanity, such as agriculture is facing a real revolution thanks to the combined action of 5G, drones, Artificial Intelligence and autonomous driving: optimization and efficiency both to minimize impact on the environment and waste, and to maximize productivity and business.

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