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CES 2023: our trip to Las Vegas

Every year we used to visit in person CES, the world’s most influential tech event, to explore the latest innovations.

Our founder Valerio Cometti set out for Las Vegas, to get some technology inspiration, tell you about the best ideas, and find out which design follies will end up in oblivion instead…

CES is undoubtedly giant televisions, multi-screen notebooks, and (more or less) self-driving cars. Yet CES 2023 hides some gems, often revealing extraordinary ingenuity and utility.


Valerio Cometti's visit to CES 2023 in Las Vegas to discover the latest technologies and innovations


On the one hand, in fact, we can see BMW’s new ” chameleon-like” concept, which for some is a bit controversial. Some people see it as an unprecedented and revolutionary level of customization, while others see it as yet another demonstration of a new “shallow” and “gimmicky” course in the automotive industry.

On the other side of the picture, however, we report a life-saving “drone.” This is a device equipped with two propellers, which can be remote-controlled by rescuers until it reaches the person in distress, who will only have to hold on to be brought back to safety by the drone itself. Perhaps not very “glamorous,” but very “smart” indeed….

So many insights and inspirations collected, which we decided to tidy up and summarize in our CES 2023 Trend Report, a travelogue intended for the companies we deal with to generate innovation every day!