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China meets Italy

During this past ‘Salone del Mobile 2015’, we have unveiled the exhibition “China meets Italy”, that we have penned together with our good friend and talented architect Paolo Balzanelli from Arkispazio.
A refined structure made of red metal and bamboo, based on the typical Italian square geometrical concept, has been the sophisticated display for a selection of Chinese lighting companies, whose products have debuted at the Fuorisalone.
Aside from the value of the project itself, nestled inside the Circolo Filologico building in the very heart of Milan, the true meaning of this experience lies in the spectacle of two worlds getting closer and almost merge: ambitions, experiences, industrial backgrounds, managerial cultures and furthermore traditions and approaches sometimes completely opposite, some other times surprisingly similar, all of this has made the design of such prestigious exhibition a truly fascinating experience.
Our firm has been working with Chinese firms for quite a few years and the moltitude of situations and opportunities that each time we go there unfold in front of our eyes, never cease to amaze us, but nonetheless, working with ‘LIDC – Lighting Innovation Design Center’ from Guzhen, that promoted the Milanese initiative, has been intense, rewarding and instructive.
Labeling Chinese design with our European parameters would be shortsighted and sterile: Chinese design is a phenomenon worth studying, not a static result that needs judging.
And here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design, we are very proud of our privileged observing spot…