Engineering Can creativity and engineering coexist in perfect synergy?

Our approach to Product Design is very profound and allows creativity to be embedded in the clients’ products as a genuine added value.

Historically designers and engineers have lived in two opposing trenches, each accusing the other of not understanding or unnecessarily making things complex. Often, these trenches still exist and the Product Design path ends up being penalized. The process we follow overcomes this opposition between design and engineering. We offer the engineering of the products we design, going to close the design circle in an integrated way and providing the company with peace of mind in controlling the process, time and cost. We have found the ideal partner for Engineering in Parametric Design.

Robotic arm 3d model by Parametric Design
Brionvega Alpha LCD tv technical drawing by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

The most advanced design and engineering converge entirely within the PTC Creo software platform, creating a single aesthetic, functional and industrial information flow that is delivered to the client. Parametric Design supports our Product Design team with the best tools for Engineering and and the most sophisticated techniques for numerical simulation. In particular Ansys numerical analysis software tools: static or dynamic structural analysis, acoustic or thermal propagation analysis, and fluid dynamic analysis all flow into the best product definition.

Polymers, metal alloys, woods, ceramics, composites or textiles, die casting, chip removal, hydroforming, forging or sputtering, there are no materials or manufacturing processes in Product Design that we have not experienced over the years.

LaCimbali M200 coffee machine prototype by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design
LaCimbali M200 coffee machine prototype by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

Through a proven team of product designers and engineers, we are able to assist clients worldwide by offering creativity and innovation combined with the most sophisticated and reliable engineering and industrialization solutions. The client company can focus its efforts on commercialization well knowing that our team will solve all aspects involved in the birth of a new product. This integrated mode between design and engineering reduces development time, compresses costs and minimizes rework steps.

LaCimbali M200 coffee machine 3d model by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design