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ESA BIC Padua: another step toward the stars!

We are very happy to announce our partnership with ESA BIC Padua, the ESA Business Incubation Center in Padua, managed by Officina Stellare S.p.A in collaboration with Galileo Visionary District.
A concrete experience within the Space Economy landscape, founded on international relationships linked to the local landscape and created to support start-ups operating in the space sector through technical expertise, resources, funding, networking and technologies.
Our V12 Design team decided a few years ago to elevate itself, going beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to reach new cosmic and innovation vistas. We have therefore become Industrial/Technogly Partners of ESA BIC Padua precisely to help start-ups in the space field. Through days of theoretical and practical training, we will convey to participants the typical mindset and attitude of designers to generate value beyond Earth and for Earth.
We will provide a method based on creativity and empathy, but at the same time analytical and logical, to help start-ups focus on business model design, people and experiences, and the needs and desires that even up there, beyond our planet, will continue to be missed.
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