Experience Design How can we design memorable experiences?

Today, companies are revising their business models to deliver valuable experiences to their customers.

User experience and user interface projects by Valerio Cometti + v12 Design

Oggi le aziende devono “disegnare esperienze”, cioè tutti i punti di contatto, servizi ed interazioni che permettono di cotruire una relazione tra l’utente finale ed il brand. L’obiettivo è andare oltre il prodotto per progettare un intero sistema prodotto-servizio. Interazioni ed interfacce, spazi fisici e canali digitali, sono tutti elementi da considerare per coinvolgere ed emozionare le persone.

Alpha LCD tv for Brionvega by Valerio Cometti + v12 Design in Triennale Milano
Triennale Milano for Brionvega Alpha LCD tv by Valerio Cometti + v12 Design

The principles of Experience Design, rigorously applied here at V12 Design, imply the need to design every single touch point, without remaining focused only on the product or only on one stage of the value chain. We have helped countless companies design new customer service strategies, experiential paths inside stores, innovative methods of product storytelling.

Experience Design consulting requires great multidisciplinarity and experience: our team combines backgrounds in marketing, communication, strategy and product, so that we also offer in Experience & Service Design the highest expertise.

We have obtained highly effective results, which have been appreciated by the management of the companies that have commissioned us the project. There is a variety of application areas for Experience Design: museums and exhibitions are good examples of how the most intangible aspects are key to reaching people’s hearts and creating a lasting memory.

User interface for Fiorenzato by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design
Experience design for Mumac museum by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

We have created a network of top-notch supplier companies that can be put at the service of the project: the excellence of “Made in Italy” excels on the international stage thanks to creativty and international companies can benefit from such renowned Italian manufacturing.