Graphic Design Can a brand speak directly to people’s hearts?

Today, it is essential for a product or brand to represent the target audience’s lifestyle and personality, to capture their attention through a distinctive visual identity.

interior and infographics designed for Ca' Zampa stores by Valerio Cometti + V12 design

We bring to the surface the values and skills that distinguish our client companies, in the form of corporate identity, catalogs, brochures, packaging, advertising, trade show booths, showrooms… We approach graphic design as an exact science: our team of graphic designers bases his vision on a very structured process, a careful study of grids and fonts, the obsessive definition of color palettes and a masterful execution of vector illustrations and patterns that can mesmerize even the most distracted observer.

poster designed for Mumac museum communication by Valerio Cometti + V12 design
poster designed for Mumac museum communication by Valerio Cometti + V12 design
poster designed for Mumac museum communication by Valerio Cometti + V12 design

The rigour that distinguishes our approach merges inadvertently with the art of hand illustration, which our in-house team knows how to develop with uncommon artistic sense. From our Milan office, we take care of Visual and Graphic Design consulting for both print and digital applications.

Even in the case of Graphic Design, our team comes from a wealth of experience with many successful projects completed in dozens of different industries, not only in terms of product scope, but also in the nature of the business model, from B2B to B2C.

brand identity and corporate image designed for Paola Zuin by Valerio Cometti + V12 design

Fashion, eyewear, financial services, automakers, the food world, retail, sports equipment, cosmetics: visual communication in V12 Design has successfully lapped the most distant fields, having to reach cultures of great diversity and working with sometimes very challenging budgets.

Partnership with Tinexta and Intesa Sanpaolo for brand identity projects for Italian small and medium enterprises

Tinexta and Intesa Sanpaolo have chosen us as their partner for the Forvalue program: we accompany companies from all over Italy on a path of growth through the enhancement of their coordinated image and the creation of the best brand identity. We help Italian companies to continue on their path of internationalization, wearing the best suit. Discover more!