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Israel Tech Tour

You can’t say you understand a phenomenon until you experience it yourself.
V12 Design participated in the first edition of Tech Tour Israel, organized in December 2019 by Confindustria Bergamo.
The aim of the business trip was to get in touch with Israeli companies, innovative start-ups, investment funds and research centres.
All meetings were of high level, from Technion University to Trellis, a SaaS start-up at the service of agriculture, from Enel Infralab to Cybereason.
We understood that the success of a “Start-up nation” comes from strong investments in training, especially in the digital field.
We have seen that access to capital is facilitated and this has also attracted many foreign multinationals, which have opened R&D departments near Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.
The focus of Israeli companies and young entrepreneurs on robotics, artificial intelligence or analytical-predictive software and cybersecurity was evident.
In particular, the theme of cybersecurity stems from a need of security of the population and leads to a specific competence, deep in the creation of barriers, of systems to find leaks and of weaknesses even in the virtual world. A real and daily need in the physical world, is intertwined with its digital extension, in an universe made of bits, and that is why Tel Aviv belongs to the Olympus of global IT development centers.
Here you can find a taste of the first day, of the four spent abroad, you’ll find it here: https://youtu.be/QiqjYkEle9E
A new “mission” Tech Tour Tel Aviv is expected soon, we suggest to evaluate its participation to all entrepreneurs looking for stimuli for innovation.
If, on the other hand, you have no way to organise your trip, contact us and we will share the experience with you.