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Pagani Huayra – The Winning Aspiration.

The car is the synthesis of the most fascinating values that characterise the life of man: speed, freedom, challenge, technology… Taking these values to the absolute extreme means making them even more complex and sublime: the challenge becomes a mission and success becomes glory.
The supercars, or hypercars as we call them today following the hyperbolic growth in performance, are just that: ultratall totems, placed to celebrate the life path of an enterprise. This intense symbolic meaning becomes even more poignant when it represents the journey made by one man, although surrounded by his staff. The design is tinged with romanticism, the entrepreneur becomes a hero and the attention given to the manufacturing side becomes an example of top workmanship standards. In the surprisingly crowded scenario of extreme cars, capable of aeronautical level performances, obtained by the use of aerospace materials, there is one that incorporates the richness of the above-mentioned values better than others, being second daughter of a father-master, obsessed by a self-inflicted dream, whose suffering leads to the birth of an immortal masterpiece of design and engineering: Pagani Huayra.
In just under two years after its debut, sitting inside a Huayra leaves you absolutely stunned: the functional elements are obvious and have already been seen, but in actual fact nothing remotely resembles what a common driver may have already experienced. And the explanation is the result of high pace marketing sessions or mathematical table intersections between competitors and benchmarks: the stupor is caused by the intensity of the dream that led the project and its implementation. The passion of a unique entrepreneur called Horacio Pagani, who wanted to indulge in the most childish of dreams, giving the world an extraordinary car, the Zonda, and then continue his journey with the Huayra. So here is where the extraordinary, made possible by the price, becomes superlative in its expression of a coherent vision, dedicated to the constant improvement of each component, even the most minute: Huayra is an orgy of details, small titanium one piece machined components optimised to guarantee maximum lightness and top standard resilience.
Formal elements that could belong to a bathyscaphe from a story by Verne, are consistent with masterpieces of aerodynamic engineering, from the active appendages to the extremities of the car. There is a Renaissance flair in the Huayra project, a single path that embraces elements extraordinarily distant from each other: as Pico della Mirandola “attacked” knowledge in its entirety, without distinguishing between the different subjects of information, in Huayra everything merges into a single, coherent and detailed vision of the project, with a concept based on unison. Huayra is, therefore, more than a vehicle, its design is more than a simple locus, its mechanics do not simply fulfil a kinematic function: it is the assertion of superiority, it is man who harnesses physics, and in doing so, obtains the sculpture of an emotion. For this reason Huayra can not be compared to anything: imposing a metric measurement would be like analysing Shakespeare with a renowned data processing “word count”.
Of course you can count the horsepower, over 700, you can measure acceleration, in the order of 3 seconds to reach 100 kilometres per hour, but even this way you can not grasp its magnitude. Which includes the design of the tweeter grille set inside the door: an obsessed mosaic of small holes with different diameters, to allow the sound pressure of the 1200W stereo treble setting to pass. Visiting the actual haven where they build the Huayra is
even more extraordinary: just a few individuals move slowly and quietly, like a cult group intent on a ritual, dominated by concentration and detachment.
The way in which the carbon or carbon-titanium fibres weave together speak of a superhuman skill, but also give voice to the challenge, free as an end unto itself for some, of a pursuit for perfection for the sole sake of achieving it, giving maximum attention to components that no customer will ever be able to appreciate, or even see. Huayra is the manifesto of the strength of the unison of the heart and the brain: like the two massive rows of V-shaped cylinders, their joint action annihilates the difficulties, reducing them to opportunities for success.
Horacio Pagani is the manifesto of the power of vision.

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