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Furnishing complements

Elegantly luxurious furniture complements made from the finest materials: solid wood, Italian leather and marble.






Product Design


When in early 2016, we were contacted by Fubao Furnishing Group, one of the largest and best-known furniture brands in China, we knew we had a great opportunity ahead of us. Since then, Fubao asked us to develop an entire range of furniture complements and accessories: nearly one hundred chairs, tables, beds, bookcases and lamps. The brief was clear: to combine in an Italian perspective the luxury so loved by the Chinese public.


To create a bridge between our exquisitely Italian visual language and the expectations of a Chinese interlocutor, especially in a field where subjectivity reigns supreme, was a daunting challenge. Along with the development of the collection, we also had the pleasure of curating, with our friends at Arkispazio, the showroom that housed these objects in all their glory.

More than a year of work, thousands of sketches, hundreds of proposals and finally the satisfaction of seeing this vast assortment of products ready to conquer the luxury market in China, India and the Emirates.