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Employee experience design

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our habits forever and also introduced new ways of working.


Company in transportation




Deep Design Thinking


The Human Resources department of an insurance company of a large international Group, requested our help to succeed in managing the return of staff to the office, in the post-Covid era. Together we began the design of the “new way of working,” identifying solutions and tools to define the typical workday of the future, which would meet people’s needs.

Service design tools and user personas for human resources
user personas for human resources


Participants, managers from various departments and HR staff, were divided into teams to design the new workday together. After careful drafting of the current typical workday, highlighting the activities performed, digital tools used, physical spaces and problems that emerged, the work teams were able to generate new ideas by integrating solutions to meet the needs that emerged. Creativity and Design Thinking were once again very helpful in solving concrete, multidisciplinary business problems.

Service design tools for human resources by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design