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Project covered by NDA

V12 Design in the temple of the V12 engine. Could we ask for more?


Ferrari Automobili SpA


2016 - 2024


Covered by NDA


An extraordinary company, a unique Design Center that has welcomed us with generosity, allowing us to work alongside their talents in a large number of projects, strictly covered by understandable confidentiality. An extremely intense collaboration, started in 2016, that requires and allows us to experience the Company from the inside, with assiduous meetings in Maranello.

Ferrari headquarter in Maranello
Design Center of Ferrari in Maranello


Our contribution of contamination, our exposure to highly heterogeneous sectors, technologies and experiences, our habit of moving barycentrically between design and engineering, and our method so strongly focused on “human centered design” are some of the cornerstones of our collaboration with Ferrari, whether we are talking about automobiles or strategic initiatives that have creativity as a driving force.