Designing is about creating experiences, industrial value, stories and innovation.

We have collaborations all over the world: all products, services and brands we design must satisfy the taste of different cultures and sometimes complex targets, while respecting investments and timelines. We have the experience to reassure our clients by demonstrating how design and creativity can coexist with reliability, precision and concreteness.

User experience and user interface of Bicocca espresso machine designed for Rocket Espresso by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design
marble glasses sketch for Budri drawn by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

Product Design

Product consulting

Concept design

3D modeling

3D Render & Video

Testing & Prototyping

Competitive style analysis

Empathic Design

Market benchmark

Online survey

Focus group

Human-centered design

User personas

Brand Strategy

Product and brand naming


Brand manifesto

Tone of voice

Creative direction

Graphic Design

Logo & Logotipo

Corporate identity

Corporate presentation

Below the line



Experience Design

Information architecture

Customer journey

Web design

User interface

Motion design


Deep Design Thinking

Training consultancy

Seminars & workshops


Strategy for innovation

Ideas development

Space Economy

Technology transfer

Space tourist journey

HMI Design

Render & Video 3D

Emotional storytelling