V12 Space What is the strategic role of design in Space?

We offer companies operating in the space sector the expertise built over many years of design work in “terrestrial” sectors. Similarly, companies historically operating in the terrestrial sphere can find business opportunities in the space economy.

One of the main goals we have is to enhance Human Factors and Human Centered Design in Space as well, capitalizing on an extraordinary synergy of experience and expertise. We are confident that a Human-Centered Design approach allows human needs and desires to be placed at the center of the design process, to achieve unique space experiences without losing sight of mission objectives.

materials and technologies for Space Economy
Turbine table designed by Valerio Cometti + v12 Design

In the aerospace industry, especially with the emerging space tourism market, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to combine the engineering aspects with the narrative and aesthetic aspects of design.

We believe that designers can make their important contribution in:

  • Designing innovative solutions through a Design Thinking approach
  • Developing intuitive human-machine interfaces and interactions
  • Designing products with improved comfort and ergonomics
  • Bringing the excitement of space travel to life through 3D renderings and videos
Human centered design in Space Economy
Experience design and human centered design for airports

We are part of ECSECO, European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce, whose goals are:

  • Realizing an interdisciplinary network of experts
  • Contributing to research by sharing knowledge and experience
  • Generating a positive impact by anticipating and influencing trends
  • Transmitting expertise to future generations

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