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Thanks Richard

When in 2006 we were asked to design the first LCD TV set for Brionvega, we found ourselves facing a wall.
A huge and dark wall, probably made of black Belgian marble.
Such massive wall had been sculpted by giants, whose names were Zanuso, Bellini or Sapper.
We began to study.
We began to try and understand the lives and the minds of these giants.
Giant Sapper fascinated us the most.
His mind was structured and irreverent.
His experience eclectic and international.
We wanted to decipher his creativity.
In 2007 our Brionvega Alpha debuted at the Triennale of Milan, among praises from both critics and public.
We received congratulations for our project from New York Museum of Modern Art.
Member of the Brion family told us that our design had perfectly embodied the spirit of the famous Mrs. Brion, who made the brand such a famous icon.
We never managed to decipher Sapper's creativity: we weren't smart enough.
But all those nights, spent studying his projects allowed us to climb that tall, dark wall.

Thanks Richard.